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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Updates, Updates!

Finally got the filler back on track. As you can guess the title strip for the second page of filler contains almost all of the main "good guy" characters. The third page will probably have a picture of the "unaligned" characters (i.e. the people who either switch sides constantly, or aren't really on any side but their own).

Anyway, in the title strip the characters from left to right are: Stacy (the girl reading), Laura (Witch Girl), Kendra (the girl hanging upsidedown), and Julie (you should know her by now. She's in her gym clothes). Just in case anyone is wondering in the first title strip the characters were: Coyote (shaking his fist at Noriko, you'll meet him later) and Noriko, of course.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy ^^.

PS. Exciting news, Google is finally recognizing my comic as something that needs to be searched! Yay!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Oh Tidings of Comfort and Joy"

As this is the weekend of Christmas Eve and I still have packeges to wrap, and cousins to play with, and cookies to ice, there will be no update today or tomorrow. I'm going to be burried under a load of relatives until the 26th, and probably not resurface until the 27th. I wish all who read this, and everyone who does't, happy holidays.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I didn't get out of bed until 11 this morning, and I didn't wake up until ten. Just trying to catch up on the sleep I lost doing my homework, which is ironically debate prep for later school start times -- the biggest arguement being that sleep deprivation is bad for you. ^^

New filler is up. I'm going into a background details craze currently, so enjoy the peeks into the Smith House. Tomorrow is the last filler strip to be published upon that page. A new section of filler is about to begin! Enter the typical American school! Gasp, horrors. Meet the rest of the cast, good and evil! Endure insane teachers! Go shopping! Er, after school hours, of course...

Enjoy your time here.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sorry about the long wait

I know I haven't updated in two weeks, I've been having a few problems, such as Thanksgiving crashing on me like it does every year, and then the Post-Thanksgiving Homework Ramp-up, and finally I caught a bug from the younger sibling. However, the filler is back up, and I'm working slowly but surely on getting Chapter 2 finished and starting to upload that. I actually have a cover for Chapter 2 that may go up soon, if the coloring gets done.

Also, I've been getting a few complaints that people would like to know what's happening in Gate and Key immediately, rather than the cuter and less serious filler. Should I post pages as soon as I get them colored? Just send me a comment. ^^

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Death to Google Pages

Google's doing that thing again where it says that I don't have sufficient privaliges to access my own site. Grr. So the new filler might be a little late in getting posted. I'm pretty sure that this time Goggle is annoyed with me because I switched to the beta-blogger version. Sigh. This probably means that I'll have to restart my computer. Oh joy.

Speaking of frustration, and fighting, and striving, my video recommendation today is I Believe. It's a Battle Atheletes Vid (and something I saw at the con, when the "How to Make AMVs" pannel pulled it out of the "oldies but goodies" file). Very good. Amazingly choreographed, and the sogn is amazing. Unlioke my spelling. Let's try this again. The song is amazing. There. Much better.

Oh, by the way, new fan art from Mimi is up! Yay! It's Zanazei this time. I had a lot of fun with the character commentary for this one. Mimi's always threatening to turn the characters of my comic (especially Fire Freak) yaoi on me. So check out the art section, and admire her work, and admire the restraint I put on myself when it came to bad puns.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bakuretsu Con!

(Er, this was actually written last Sunday, and I saved it as a Draft and forgot to actually, you know, post it.)

I've been at Bakuretsu Con all weekend. I would actually be at it today, but my leg is killing me (I did something bad to it sometime yesterday -- not sure when), and I can't walk, or sit comfortably.

Sorry for the crappy picture. I did it with a dieing marker, and used old paper, and then wrote on it in Paint, as my laptop has no access to photoshop...

On the bright side though, I've now attented my first con, . Friday was a blast. My friend convinced my to "slacker" cosplay. I went as Lain, and no-one recognized me. Both Mimi-chan and Akina-chan were in way better costumes (Miaka from Fushigi Yugi and Tohru from Fruits Basket respectively). But at least I was warm ^^.

Akina-chan had to go home at 6, sadly, and we got there at 5. (Mainly due to getting lost so often). Mimi and I waited for the DDR Prelims to start (they were supposed to be friday) but they never happened! I wasn't entering, but Mimi -- the DDR Goddess -- was, and boy you should have heard her growl at the Guitar-Hero people, who were taking up the space where the DDR pads should have been.

When we finally gave up (the nice staffers explained it was hard to have a preliminary round if only six people signed up, and only two of those 6 were actually in the video room) we rambled over and checked out the AMV constest. Really nice movies -- Mimi had been expecting a lot more amature stuff -- and a few really super great ones. Although WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many Final Fantasy based movies. Mainly FFX, but one or two FFVII: Advent Children and FFVIII. Mimi and I agreed, though, that at least they kept the Bleach and Naruto ones to a minimum, which we had thought would dominae the contest. BTW, on a totally unrelated topic: Stop obsessing over Yuna, people!

Saturday was great, as well. I got dropped off early, and so hung out in the continental breakfast for a bit. Got a few strange looks (I went to the cosplay as Witch Hunter Robin) but not as many as from the kids who were with my younger sibling when we dropped him off for the SATs at seven forty-five.^^

Mimi was in the DDR contest, and won second place in the Expert division. She would have won first, but Rob, the guy who beat her, has amazing feet, and had danced to almost all of the songs that was in the remix the con was using. Anyway, give it up for Mimi!

That's the basic con news. Today there's more Behind the Scenes piccies for out favorite characters at the Con. Well, maybe not favorite. But beloved, no? Or not. I don't really have a vid recommendation today, so I guess that's about it.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Power Outages

Hey all! I spent the weekend with my power out so I couldn't update, and a vareity of other things have kept me off the computer until now. The power was kiled because of a heavy storm on Saturday, which was a day that I was supposed to go costume making with my friends.

Mimi-chan's mother was going to pick me up -- but because ours is a dirt road she got a little nervous of the car, so I ended up walking down the road and waiting for her with my sewing materials.

On a Mimi-chan realated note she finally has her own comic up and running! Aquaria (Click it and make me happy ^^) is a fun little manga that she's put out, and look it has furries! Or at least random animal ears. Effie-kuns would not have horns if it were not for her. (I volunteered to be a random henchman, and she told me that I needed to draw myself head gear if I wanted to be in her comic along with Kisu-kun, Nezumi-chan, Akina-chan, Kitsune-san and Pink Feather-sama {Ai-san). I would have given myself cat ears, but Akina-chan beat me to it, so I gave myself horns instead. She hasn' used me yet -- guess she's not tired of destroying random robots.)

So I had a lot of fun on Saturday -- But Sunday was spent hand sewing costumes that I hadn't finished on Saturday, and praying that the power would go back on.

So, as for site updates, two pages of filler are about to be delivered. I'm not certain if the text is visible on the las page. I did the text by hand because it's quicker -- but it's not very visible when I have to resize the page... However, I have a special Halloween picture for y'all, plus an addition to the Art page. A picture that I did for a friend. It's her favorite saying, and the picture was a semi-consolation prize for her having to get her braces tightened. Plus she couldn't eat the Halloween candy that we got together on Tuesday.

Blackberry sends her love from my lap as always (She's beginning to understand that acting psychotic around the computer is not a good thing).

Finally, my AMV recomendation is: Guardian Angel. It's a cute Kingdom Hearts AMV, and I like the song -- not sure wht the title is, but I'll find out eventually ^^;. Just have to read the credits more closely.